On hiatus until the fall. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AMAZING SUPPORT!❤️
On hiatus until the fall. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AMAZING SUPPORT!❤️
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Pick Up Etiquette

Pick Up Location:

Dirt Candy

86 Allen Street

New York, NY 10002

Pick Up Time: Between 9am and 3pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays

Once ready for pick up, you can come collect your chocolate whenever works best for you.  When you arrive, please come in the main entrance on the North side of the space. There may or may not be someone at the hostess stand to greet you. If so, please kindly inform them that you are here to pick up chocolates from Rachel. They will come over and inform me that you’re here. If no one is there when you arrive, please walk in toward the kitchen and tell the nearest staff member that you’re here to see Chef Rachel.
Depending on temperature in the space, your chocolates may be stored down in the basement, where it’s colder and safe from tampering. When you arrive, I will go down and get them for you.

I don’t supply bags, so please bring one of your own.

If you have a reservation and would like to collect your chocolate order at that time, please contact me at hello@misfitconfections.com and we’ll arrange for your pick up then. Otherwise, no Misfit Confections business is to be conducted during dinner service hours at Dirt Candy.

I am exceedingly grateful to be able to use the space in this capacity, but I do not own or pay rent at this location. Please respect that this is a fully functioning restaurant that I am simply borrowing the time and space here. 

Thank you SO much for supporting Misfit Confections and I look forward to seeing your smiling face!