On hiatus until the fall. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AMAZING SUPPORT!❤️
On hiatus until the fall. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AMAZING SUPPORT!❤️
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Who Am I


Welcome to Misfit Confections!

I, Rachel, am the sole proprietor, creator, producer, packager, designer, taster, maker, accountant, all the things for this chocolate situation.

I am a white skinned woman with a Black father. I create from a place of reverence and love and I take inspiration from any and everywhere. I have a strong interest in American cuisine and the Black human contribution to said cuisine.

I am also a full time working executive pastry chef in NYC. I make this chocolate magic on my weekends during the cooler months of the year; generally October through April or May.

I utilize molded bonbons to tell stories. From design, to ingredient origin and usage, to flavor and texture, each element of all of my creations is very intentionally chosen to help tell these stories. None of what I make is an accident or “just because.” Each collection is more than just a box of chocolate, it’s an experience.

I don’t intend to be like other chocolatiers or chocolate companies that you may know. I am here for folks who don’t (want to) fit in, or who like things a bit different and adventurous. And I strongly live by the mantra “just because it’s French (or European), doesn’t mean it’s better.”

So I hope you’re ready for a ride, because that’s what we do here! Buckle up!

Read a bit about what I do HERE